Latest Past Events

Trends in the Market & Talent Acquisition


Nenni & Associates are into talent acquisition and recruitment strategies. This event discussed trends in the market and talent acquisition. It focused on how to best market yourself to the industry. Touching on, responding to cold calls or emails, interviews in the Engineering field - STAR method, networking, resume building, and marketing yourself.

SMUD Renovated Headquarters Tour

Our February 2023 event was an in-person tour of SMUD’s renovated headquarters building. In 2019, SMUD completed a 5 year, $83M total renovation of their historic 5-story 146,000 square foot mid-century modern headquarters built in 1960. The HQ building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010 as an excellent example of ... Read more

Clifford L. Allenby Building Tour

Clifford L. Allenby Building 1215 O St, Sacramento

Our January 2023 event was an in-person tour of the state of California's Clifford L. Allenby Building.  The Clifford L. Allenby Building is expected to use 68% less water than a similarly-sized office building due to its design of low-flow fixtures, 70,000 gallons per year of greywater production, 170,000 gallons of rainwater reuse, and 170,000 ... Read more